I’ve worked on many different personal, team based, and professional projects, here is a few of them:

Paradigm Hyperloop

Paradigm Hyperloop is an international team of students from Northeastern University, Memorial University of Newfoundland and College of the North Atlantic who have come together to make the Hyperloop concept a reality. We research and prove the viability of Hyperloop technology through student […]

vSphere Cluster

Ever since high school, I have found free or extremely cheap second hand enterprise hardware and converted into personal server equipment running either VMWare ESXi or OpenStack.  I’ve had the pleasant surprise of a free VMWare vSphere licenses from Northeastern […]

Town of Sudbury

I started my tech career working for the Town of Sudbury in Massachusetts at age 16. Since then I’ve overhauled the web platform and I’ve worked on most parts of the infrastructure in some form or another.  When I started, […]