Paradigm Hyperloop

Paradigm Hyperloop is an international team of students from Northeastern UniversityMemorial University of Newfoundland and College of the North Atlantic who have come together to make the Hyperloop concept a reality. We research and prove the viability of Hyperloop technology through student led independent research and design of prototype Hyperloop vehicles.

You can make… what I think is a tax deductible… donation to Paradigm Hyperloop Here

Competition 1

At competition 1 in January 2017, we debuted our prototype air bearing levitation cargo delivery sled designed for speeds of 200mph and beyond in the short 1 mile test track in Hawthorne California.

Competition 2

In August of the same year, we returned to competition 2 to compete with our completed vehicle and clinched second place on the world stage.  Our vehicle also demonstrated some of the core technologies that will be required in full scale Hyperloop systems.

With a top speed of merely 101 kph we have a long way to go, but this was an amazing first step toward a technology that could change the future of transportation in the decades to come. You can learn more about Paradigm Hyperloop on our website.

  • Pod II without the nose cone installed